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190E 2.6 throttle (help please!)

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I just got a '91 190E 2.6 with 64,000 miles. Everything is great on the car except for the throttle pedal. When I press it it has about a 1/2 inch of free-play before the car starts accelerating. Also, it seems as if it starts in 2nd gear(automatic) and it'll only go to first if I press the gas way more. Since you guys seem like knowledgable folks, I thought I'd ask here on how I can solve this. Maybe the throttle/tranny cables need adjusting, what do you guys think? And how do I go about adjusting them? Thanks:)
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I don't know about your free play issue. Your car is designed to start in second gear for fuel saving reasons.
Oh okay, so half the problem isn't a problem at all. Thanks for telling me:) Now it's just that free-play issue because I doubt the gas pedal's supposed to have so much slop built into it. Anyone?
Well you might want to try pushing on the throttle on the engine. If it doesn't do the same thing that your pedal does... it's definately the cable between the pedal and the throttle.
I'll try that out probably tommorrow, if you I have time. It isn't normal for these cars to have so much slop in the pedal, right?
Mine does... but it's diesel. You have to really push the pedal to get her to go. But my guess would be no... especially with a 2.6! I hope you get it all worked out.
Re: Check this out!

Thanks for the link. So the adjustment is on the the end of the pedal, not near the throttle-body(interesting). Sounds like the fix is going to be easier than I thought(I won't have to remove the air-cleaner assembly). Thanks for the help guys, you know your stuff:)
Problem solved.

I adjusted the thumbscrew in the pedal assembly like the link suggested, and noticed a difference right away. I went for a test drive and adjusted it more as needed. The car now feels much more 'alive,' without the sluggishness from before. Glad the problem was easy to fix:)
Re: Problem solved.

Where was the screw? on the gas pedal its self? ??<br>
Re: Problem solved.

The thumbscrew is located above the throttle pedal, connected to the throttle linkage. You can get to it by moving the panel that's right above the gas pedal. The screw is white and you can't miss it.
Could someone PLEASE post a pic of this screw? I can't find it :(
my 190e wont start(please HELP!)

my 190e wont start only 3 out of the 6 cylinders are firing(one,three, and six), but all 6 cylinders are getting a spark does anyone know what might be the problem?
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