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190E 2.6 - no power AND electrical problem?

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My 1991 190E 2.6L started having a serious acceleration problem this afternoon... from stop lights, when I started moving forward again I found that the car was really hesitating, almost no power at all... and would then suddenly kick in and start accelerating. This happened several times over the course of a 20 minute drive... and just as I was getting near home, as I tried to accelerate from a stop sign, it sputtered and almost stalled.

I then noticed that the radio wasn't working... wouldn't turn on at all. And the interior lights aren't working either.

This morning, on an earlier trip a few hours before, the radio and lights were fine, as was the acceleration... so it seems that the electrical problem, and the acceleration problem are either related, or it's a really odd coincidence of timing.

Any ideas of what I should be looking for to fix this?

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You just bought this car right? Was it from an auction where it had been sitting around for a while? If this is true it could just be a simple fuse issue. Mine had similar problems but with other components. Even if the fuse looks OK, it may be corroded or "mucky" at the terminals. Have a look. Your fuel pump/relay is electronic.

Also, I highly recommend changing the battery. Its $100 investment but you'll know the history. An old battery with a short can do some serious damage. Fried my alternator!

good luck

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