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1990 190e 2.6 A/T
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HI, I have a 1989 190E 2.6 with 125k miles. The transmission was replaced 1200 miles ago by the previous owner. I will list the things it is doing in order
When I start the car the idle is fine. After I put it in reverse and back out of my driveway, put it into drive the idle is fine. when i accelerate it has trouble shifting out of 1st gear, it will shift at around 3500 rpm's no matter how much gas I'm giving it. When it finally shifts I don't have a problem with first gear during that same drive. I can stop and go and it's smooth as butter. from 2nd to 3rd, however, it shifts abruptly and is a little jerky. Now as far as the idle goes during start up it is fine right around 900 rpm's. after I drive through 1st gear and second and maybe all the gears it struggles to keep above 300 rpm's. The car vibrates the oil pressure drops to a little over 1 on the dash gauge and the economy meter stays around the middle. If I put it in neutral and give it a tiny amount of gas it remedies the problem... The economy gauge drops and the oil pressure gauge rises. Also, after an extended drive on the highway, maybe 5 to 10 miles I will stop at an intersection and try to accelerate and the car is very sluggish through 1st gear. After I kind of take my foot off the gas and feel the transmission out I can get it to pick up some normal acceleration. The fluid levels are good. I changed a leaking flex hose to the transmission cooler and now have no leaks. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.:crybaby2
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