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89 190e 2.6
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hey everyone. havent been on in a while. having problems with my 89 190e. when i start it cold, runs fine, running a little rich but running good. got about 158000 on it. when its hot and i shut it off, as long as i start it within 5 minutes or so, it will start back up. if i wait until it starts to cool off a little takes about 6 or 7 times of starting and stalling for it to chug and huff and puff for about 10 seconds before it clears up and runs fine. also ive noticed if i give it gas while starting when warm, it will huff and puff longer than 10 sec. kind of like its choking itself out. any help would be greatly appreciated before i have to take her to the dealership and spend a bundle.
thanks anthony
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