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190E 2.3 Cold Running Hesitation

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I have an 85 190E 2.3 which I dropped an 86 2.3<br> motor into. It runs great but I cannot figure out why I have a bad hesitation when she is cold that disappears as soon as she warms up a little bit<br> Any suggestions? <br> <br> Graybenz85<br>
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hey ya i had the same problem, i have a 90' 2.6 for as long as i can remember i had the problem that i would turn the key and i would get a struggle followed by a slight vibration. <br> <br> Heres the answer: COLD START VALVE<br> It shoots a stream of fuel into the main intake right after the air filter. It works much like a regular fule valve except its open for about ten seconds instead of milliseconds like your main valves.Just have it checked out and change it, make sure the timer switch is still good too that might be the problem as well.
Hi,<br> <br> I have the 1991 190E 2.3. I parked my for one week. After one week, I tried to start the car and the battery was dead. Keep in mind that my car was running fine before this happened. I had it jumped. It was very very difficult to start. After pumping the gas padle several times, I was be able to start the car.<br> <br> Now every morning I have difficulty starting the car!. But when it warms up, I can start the easily.<br> <br> It seems have the same problem that you guys are having (Cold Start Valve!). Do you know where is that located?. Should I just get the part from the dealer and replace it myself?.<br> <br> Thanks,<br> Andre.<br>
I suggest that you dont do it yourself unless youve had experience in the procedure. It does have to do with timing and a comp is needed you can get the comp from your local garage but id advice to have it done proper. The part isnt too expensive and there are many makes but if you want to go through MB there shouldnt be to much of a price difference.<br> <br> As far as for where it is found it is in a difficult position it is found on the back part of the air filter on the left side and a little below. It requieres a tool and just an advice: the valve is kept preassured so if you remove it wear clothes that you dont care if they smell like gas for a while.
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