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190d 2.5 blowing fuse/wiring diagram

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where can i get an accurate wiring diagram for my 1987 190d 2.5? i ordered the manual on cd from m.b. but, its quality is poor on most dwgs. my benz is blowing fuse #10 and it appears to feed several different circuits. thanks for any help/info.<br> <br> steve
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Well according to my British haynes manual, Fuse #10 is an 8A (white) fuse that the electromagnetic fan clutch, washer nozzle heater, and electric mirrors and heated mirrors are on.<br> <br> Look on the fuse box itself it should tell you what each fuse feeds. I wouldn't expect benz to change the electrical system too much for british and american cars. I have found it is pretty accurate for electrical systems in my 190D 2.2
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