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190 D rough start

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I've noticed that my '85 190D has a rough time starting in the morning. I follow the owners manual's advice and keep the gas pedal depressed, which helps quite a lot. However, I did not have to do this last year. My preheater lamp goes off normally, so I don't think it's the glow plugs. Since I've changed my oil/oil filter myself (just the latest scheduled change), I think maybe my mech has to adjust something that I did not. Anybody with old diesel experience out there?
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maybe it is something to do with the oil pressure as you have said before that you have something wrong with your oil pressure. it could even be the engine mountings. another thing could even be your fuel system. i don't know much about the 190D(the diesel) as i have a 190E(the petrol). hope this can help.
Thanx.No,oil pressure is ok, I just need new sending unit and low level warning sensor. I think I just need an adjustment.
try doing up the engine timing. use the computer timming adjuster. you can do this at the mercedes specialist. good luck
thanx Dave. I think you're right. The next oil change will be at the mechanic
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