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19" CLK wheel conversion

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Hi everyone, a newbie here. I know this topic has been discussed extensively before so bare with me. I would like to install a set of 19" chrome AMG style 215, per Tire Rack, CL wheels on my CLK (see link for reference). They are 8.5" front and 9.5" rear. I am wondering if there have been any problems with this conversion once installed (drivability, aligment, wear, rubbing, speedo reading, computer, etc.)? I understand that spacers and longer studs are required. What is a fair price for the spacers and studs? I got a quote of $280 for a custom made hub-centric type. This didn't include the studs yet. Finally, what would a fair price be for a good used set, either wheels only or wheels with good used tires?

Thanks for your help!

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