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18's vs. 17's a pictoral comparision;-)

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Switched my black coupe over from 18's to 17's are two pics showing the visual difference.
Ride is markedly improved; what used to be harsh and unpleasant is no long so (ie. Bots dots).
Took a few of my favourite corners @ speed and at the limit handling differences are imperceptible. Break away is still clean and predictable etc..

First picture is 17's, 2nd is 18's.




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The 18's were 245/35's up front and I believe 285/30's in the rear. The 17's are 245/45 all around.. Another benefit of this project is now the tyres can be properly rotated..I really despise staggered rims/tyres.

Yea, no..the staggered looks sharp but the in ability to rotate killed me. For some reason my rears take one hell of a beating;-)

Look forward to seeing your rims all mounted up!

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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