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Have a common problem that maybe other members can advise.
I have the back seat out addressing the interior and fuel sender issues. With that, there is a marked whir noise that is prominent at 1800-2000 rpm in 4th gear. And being that the seat and insulation is removed, the sound resonates pretty good. The sound disappears without load and comes on with at the above rpm. Noise is in rear area. I have no vibration, oil in rear changed, And rear FD looks okay. No leaks around carrier and rear cv joints. Car is absolutely quiet at 2900-3400rpm cruising at highway speed.
So, my questions:
Is it the center bearing going south, or rear wheel bearing?
I can't remember if the driveshaft has a universal joint in the center bearing area or not? I plan on putting the car on jackstands soon and rebuilding the suspension?
84 SD 158K GEN1
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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