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18" wheels

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Hi guys[:)]

Probably I'll can use 18" wheels on my '99 slk 200 kompressor.

In Italy this size is very rare on the r170.

So, can you help me to found the right size of the wheels and the tyres?

I think that probably is correct 225/40/18 and 245/40/18 or 255/35/18 for tyres; 8x18" and 9x18" for wheels (i'm not sure that this is the right term, i hope you can understand). And the ET?

Thanks to all.
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go with 225 40 18 tires for the front and 255 35 18 tires for the rear...

the wheel sizes you meantioned are fine...

just make sure the offset (et) is 35-38 mm and you should be fine...

others can chime in too...[:)]
if i was thinking to get new wheels\tires - i want to add couple inches to tire with - just for the looks.
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