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17 inch on a 230slk

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Needing some advice.
Purchased set of 17" alloy with 37mm offset.
Bolts from 16" are too long and those provided by seller are too big to thread in hole.
Is it possible to put 17" on 230 slk 01 that had stock 16".
Anyone know if MB dealer can get corrected lugs?
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Yes, it's possible, and the offsets are correct. You just need the correct lugs. The seller probably gave you lugs for the larger Benz models which use a larger diameter bolt. I'm quite certain you can buy the correct lugs, but I don't really know where. Maybe ask on the wheel/tire forum.

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You probably need something like this:

You need to call some wheel\tire places to find the one that fits. I don't know where you at but you should have wheel\tire shops in your area - stop by - they should have the stuff you need.
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