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14 r 20 tubes for 406 rims?

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Hey all,

The new/used tires I got this weekend turned out to be worse than represented by the seller. Big surprise.

So, does anyone know of a tube for the 14 R 20 size tire that is not made for a split rim? I know there are split rim tubes out there, but where can I get Mog type tubes?


Cedar Rapids, IA
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mogless, except for my friends MB4-94. And a bunch of other diesel junk.
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Radials or no? They are different, and what size exactly? Les Schwab shoud have them if there is one close by.

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1979 406 MB/94
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Yep. Radial 14.00 R 20's. I can get the split rim version here locally, but no one knows about a non split rim tube.

Les Schwab? He a person or a store? I will google...


I googled and found this website:

I think this may be the correct tube. I emailed the company. Hopefully I will hear more soon.

Thanks esde!
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