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1984 500 SEL Euro
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What is it with the wood trim these cars? I often wonder if there was a flaw with the 1986-1987
Mercedes wood as almost every Mercedes of that vintage even the ones that were garage kept the
wood turned cloudy. I ?literally have looked at all the junked 126 chassis cars that come by the
local salvage yard and every one has cloudy wood. So I decided to look for the older cars and
they are have ruined wood but no cloudiness!!! It is very frustrating since I just replaced the seats
and the rest of the car is good to have the cloudy wood. it is a low milage 300sdl so I plan on
keeping it for a while. At one point I actually considered spending the $2,600 the dealer wanted
for a new wood trim set but couldn’t justify it since it would be a shame to replace the original
wood cause the wood on one of the cars I want to replace it on is perfect otherwise. No cracks or
anything. Just the cloudiness. have any tips on making that not as noticeable? Mark
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