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126 280SE heater hoses ?

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Hello currently overhauling a 280se that has been sitting in a shed for 12 years :sleep:

Repairing or replacing most things likely to fail.

Haven't had any luck finding part numbers for the heater hoses.

Its a M110 989 engine 1984 W126, Australian delivered.


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Welcome to BenzWorld!

I found this for you, and I am unsure if differences between left hand steering & RHD as far as heater hoses.

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Thanks for that ! exactly what I was looking for. I was trying to navigate through the engine subgroups : )

Looks like these parts might be a hard find. Any chance people have had success with flexible silicon hose for their heater hose ?
Hello again,

I just Googled one of the part numbers and got a LOT of good hits. Those hoses fit a lot of MBs.. and are pretty inexpensive to boot.

I am here in the US so there are a lot of ‘local’ choices compared to OZ..
Fellow BW member KRH has a way of getting things from here delivered to Australia bypassing a lot of drama. I personally don’t know his technique.

Good luck man!

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Hello, and thanks for your input.

I have bought a lot of parts through AutoHauz before. That was for a W116. I should have a look on their website again and see if I can search for individual part numbers. Being a Euro only car they don't list my car in the drop down menus.
Hey there,

I just searched for part numbers and got results, some anyways..


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