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126 280SE heater hoses ?

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Hello currently overhauling a 280se that has been sitting in a shed for 12 years :sleep:

Repairing or replacing most things likely to fail.

Haven't had any luck finding part numbers for the heater hoses.

Its a M110 989 engine 1984 W126, Australian delivered.


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What I was up to today. New water pump and radiator hoses ordered.

Still no luck with heater hoses. Also found that short hose under the thermostat housing which I know are prone to fail.

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More stuff removed today, throttle was filthy. Inside intake manifold looks just as bad. I have everything removed and including bolts and nuts of the intake manifold but just not quite enough room to squeeze it out. I'm thinking I might have to loosen the engine on its mounts to create a touch more room to remove it.
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Thanks for that ! exactly what I was looking for. I was trying to navigate through the engine subgroups : )

Looks like these parts might be a hard find. Any chance people have had success with flexible silicon hose for their heater hose ?
What I was doing today. Really not much room to remove the manifold against the chassis rail. Slight engine tilt tomorrow should do it.
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Hello again,

I just Googled one of the part numbers and got a LOT of good hits. Those hoses fit a lot of MBs.. and are pretty inexpensive to boot.

I am here in the US so there are a lot of ‘local’ choices compared to OZ..
Fellow BW member KRH has a way of getting things from here delivered to Australia bypassing a lot of drama. I personally don’t know his technique.

Good luck man!

Hello, and thanks for your input.

I have bought a lot of parts through AutoHauz before. That was for a W116. I should have a look on their website again and see if I can search for individual part numbers. Being a Euro only car they don't list my car in the drop down menus.
Throttle body and intake manifold removed this morning. Throttle body is was filthy with carbon and grime.
Auto part Carburetor

Intake manifold was just as bad if not worse. A lot of degreaser and a high pressure washer to clean it up. Will finish it with upper engine cleaning foam and more water. Intake runners will likely get a clean up with the die grinder before reinstalling.
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Hello and thanks, and yes looks like they stock two of the four Hoses. Must be common with the 380se/l

the two I need.

A1268321694 ( looks more or less like a long elbow so might be able to make this one up )

A1268320894 ( More convoluted, may be able to use some flex hose, not sure yet ?? ) But definitely not running any old rubber that's for sure.
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