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Cruise Control
'87 300TD Myna 7mm pump and HX30 /'89 Vanagon TDI 12mm pump and GT2052
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124 DIY Topics

Open DIY discussion thread

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New members are highly advised to fill out their profiles before posting questions. Your profile should include the vehicle you drive, where you live and the total number of miles on the chassis. This helps other members to better render assistance in a timely manner. Also, if you post a thread asking members for their assistance, please follow up and let us know how you resolved your issues, and whether the advice you received here was accurate and useful.


124 specs FAQ

124 Buyers Guide
Paint, interior, and option codes
Great thread with shots of early 124 development
Transmission schematics
FYI - Rare 124 spring perch failure
Cleaning the front windscreen
Cost of ownership
Online Star Tek factory service manuals on CD
Online manual with index
Official Mercedes browser-based subscription EPC (free for one year)
VIN decoder
124 Series Decals / Stickers / Labels Restoration Guide

Replacing Rotors and Pads

Supplement 14 -- Wiring diagrams
Blower motor
M104 wiring harness and ETA
Step-by-step KLIMA test procedures
Accessing the cruise control amplifier
Blower Motor Replacement
Overhaul of the windshield wiper mechanism
Wiper Motor Lubrication
Power seat switch repair
Hirschmann antenna fix
Fixing a jumpy fuel gauge
DIY for manual control of footwell and center vents

EHA check / adjustment
M103 troubleshooting guide
FYI - Cam wear on early M103
Fuel mixture adjustment
Servicing the steering pump filter
Replacing Power Steering Filter
M104 Wiring Harness
Rewiring M104 ETA
Cleaning Throttle Body on M104
How to Turn Torque Converter During ATF Fluid Flush
M103 Timing Cover Reseal
M119 Replacing Oil Guides
M119 Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement
Diesel afterglow tips
Thread with links to 4-Matic transfer case rebuild info
EGR cleaning video
722.4 to 722.3 swap

How to remove mirror covers
Front Fender Removal
HID Projector Retrofit
Replacing wagon hatch struts
Soft top operation for Cabriolets
Cabriolet Manual Top Rear Bow Unlatching Procedure
Replacing the weatherstripping on the doors
Antenna grommets

Floor mat color codes
Upgrading seats/seat heaters
Cleaning Seat Switch
Repairing a binding seat tilt mechanism
Replacing/upgrading cluster lights
LEDs for cluster lights
Removing inner door panel
Repairing Busted Odometer
Make Your Own Instrument Cluster Removal Tools
Removing floormat backing foam
Removing dash vents
Replacing the steering wheel contact ring
Passenger airbag retrofit
AC Compressor Rebuild
Disassembling front seat tutorial
Replacing the hatch struts on the S124

Awesome thread with pics showing full suspension rebuild
Ball Joint & Tie Rod Replacement
DIY balljoint replacement with MB tool
Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
Rear suspension outer carrier link bushing replacement
Front strut replacement
Location diagram and removal instructions for convertible hydraulic cylinders
Location diagram and removal instructions for convertible hydraulic cylinders
Rear subframe restoration

Useful resources and links to documents:
Mercedes-Benz Bulb Identification Poster


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