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There several disparate threads on the 123 Ignition; I have a couple of questions so I will link those here

My original distributor's advance place seized up, so I bought a 123 Ignition distributor You will need a 24v -> 12v converter; they have one on their site for $40, but I got the exact same one on Amazon for $20.

First question: which curve setting are you guys using with an otherwise stock engine? I found this thread which suggests either 0 or 2. However, their technical chart shows curve 1 being the same as 0, but for low-compression engines. (see charts below). I currently have it on 0, and advanced the timing at idle to where it seemed to idle well, but now I'm getting pinging at high RPMs, so I am going to dial it back a bit.

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This thing has the smoothest idle ever

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