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2003 112 vito
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so this problem has returned after 2 years, came about suddenly and is intermittent.
i start engine and cant get van in gear-alll gears offer resistance- if i do force it in or start in gear-with the clutch fully down , the van will engage and start to move slowly or just cut out..after a few secs of changing gears with the engine off it suddernly rights its self-i can get in gear and drive away, wont happen until i kill the engine again,
when i had this issue before i was told it could be freezing moisture in the gear cables..ive oiled them as best i can, along with the gear mechanism on the engine, problem is still there
whats strange is it went away for 2 years then just came back.

does anyone have advice for now- also looking for 2ndhand allloys in ireland:)
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