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110cdi engine turns but won't start

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My 2002 110cdi vito will only bump start.
The engine turns over with the key but won't start.
When it goes it runs perfectly. It's done 25000 miles.

I let the tank run low before the problem, so thought
it might have sucked in some muck from tank?

Now after reading forum sounds like vito's have problems with injectors.

Any ideas please
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Thanks for the info,
it turned out to be fuel injector no.2

Another question please, I'm thinking
about getting the engine chipped.
What's the max bhp I can go to without
making the engine unreliable, and will
I see just better acceleration or do
you get better top end aswell.

Is the average price around £400
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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