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Good evening. New comer to the forum and new to MB repair so some questions may be rather elementary for this forum
Question: When determining the part number for the 110
engine I am asked for a particular series of numbers in a up to and a from number . I am installing a new head gasket set and the parts supliers tell me there are two part numbers and they ask me if the exhaust valve stems are 9mm or 11mm. I don't have a clue and I am not going that deep into the engine anyway.

Can someone help me determine the proper head set to for my specific car? It is a 1980 280CE Automatic. Delivered in Nov. of '79, the engine number is 110 984-12-070259

The catalogs ask, up to 038036 and from 010932.
Apparently the 038036 is the 11mm and the 010932 is the 9mm exhaust valve stem size. Where do I access these numbers they ask for? Can it be determined from the engine number or do I need another number to figure this out. The vin # is 123053-12-018000. Thank you in advance for any help in this matter. Bottom line, if I'm not using the exh. valve stem gaskets does it really matter? Are the rest of the parts the same

Doug 64
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