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107 Transcends Generations

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Took the 107 to the store today. Had a nice compliment from a fellow motorist as sometimes happens. You know "NIce Ride/Car!" I know youve all heard it before. Whats so cool about this one was the compliment came from a kid that was probably 10 or so. Came out with my groceries in hand, walked past a jeep with a kid in the passenger seat parked next to me, as i hopped in the 107, he leaned out the open window of the jeep and said - Nice Car! Wow. Thats a cool kid!:thumbsup:
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I read the title as "Transgender" and didn't want to respond.
A dollar don't buy what it used to. I remember the time......................
Oh never mind. I forgot.
Yes, I got one. I got the Cadillac because the US Senate has determined I have a Cadillac Insurance Plan (for which I pay the entire premium)


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