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pardon the cross-post... not much action going on in the 107 forum these days.

Recently, my 1988 560SL suffered from the typical "broken waterneck" so often discussed in forums in the past. Enough of the neck was still attached to the tank to allow the hose to stay on, so I bided my time in replacement,ordering an all-metal zeigler radiator in Jan. My goal was to replace the unit in late March or so, and the hoses (relatively new already), thermostat (age and temp unknown), and maybe the water pump.

Well, weather turned warm early here in the south, and I got anxious. I did not have the other parts in hand, and could not get them locally, so I decided to change the radiator out NOW and the rest at a later date. I changed the radiator out last weekend.

Here is the rub... (The radiator fit OK, and looks great. All fittings, etc were where they were supposed to be, and the whole job was relatively painless, in spite of the unit not fitting the mounting without a little persuasion, and the rubber bushings for the bottom mounts had to be trimmed a bit to fit in the mounting rings on the bottom of the radiator). Today, ambient temp was 65F. My car, on a road trip of 75 miles at 70mph, ran a water temp of 85-90C, and climbed to almost 100C upon climbing a 3% or so grade for several miles. I had the AC on to cool the interior as the sun coming in was heating up my better half above her comfort level. I guess I expected the water temp to be closer to 80C since the ambient temp was cool. Last summer, even on the hottest day, I never saw the water temp at or above 100C, usually staying in the 80-90C range (which I always marvelled at). Oil pressure is 2.2 or so at idle when warm, 3 pegged at cruising rpm.

I am intrested in this groups opinion... Should I have replaced the radiator with a BEHR (with plastic tanks)? Is this water temp. typical?
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