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Hi folks, I,m usually down in 107 land but you folks are more familiar with the m110 and 4sp. I have a 79 289sl 4sp with a/c and the Km/H speedo (168K), is way off as well as the odometer. Is there a seperate drive gear for the km/H head vs MPH/Km/H head? The speed locations on the two faceplates are different. The car was never federalized so I believe the Km/H head to be original to the car.


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Hi Pete. I believe you're correct, your euro 107's SI units vary from US's imperial units by use of different calibration/gears.
You can check the existing gauges on your car by a date stamp normally found behind the unit.
It should be close to the build mo. & yr. date of your 107, but not after... this helps to further verify originality.

If the gauge needs service (calibration, repair, etc...) you can send it to one of the established vendors familiar with MB's VDO units: Palo Alto Speedometers.
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