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10% toluene mix with 91 octane

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i've recently tried an experiment with 10% toluene and 90% 91 octane... the 380se runs MUCH smoother at idle, and doesn't vibrate until i hit the mid 4k's.
it used to vibrate when i reached over 3.5k rpm. (the mix creates about a 94-95 octane)

at the moment, it's costing me $15 for 1 gallon of toluene... does anyone know where i can get it for less?? i've looked at ace hardware, osh, lowes, home depot... only sherman-williams has it.

i love the better performance, but i think i won't be able to afford $50 for 1/2 tank for long!
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brucemendel said:
For my SEL/SEC Euro cars under high-compression, I just use octane booster from Torco ( It's good stuff, not the crap in the auto parts stores, and much safer.

Do you mix the torco with regular or premium? Seems if you added it to premium you would go beyond the 94 octane.
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