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1-General, Electrical, Manuals, Parts catalogs, TSB, VIN datacard

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NOTE: This thread pays homage to the original DIY sticky started by OBX884 and updated by Storm, Gregs210, JOE55, and Matt L to help reduce clutter and allow for more comprehensive lists of DIY procedures, tips and tricks. DIY/TIPS threads will be updated as useful threads are added to our forum. Should the moderators miss a new addition, please post a message in the DIY/TIPS - Suggestions for the DIY sticky threads

Your BenzWorld W210 Moderators and members offer their thanks to all who have contributed!

First of all, make sure your car is securely and redundantly supported if you are going to work under the car. Use a combination of quality ramps, jacks, and jack stands, or other strong support. Read the following thread and the linked article about this accident.

Man Killed While Working Under Car

General Info

How can I get help for my problem/issue?
(Okay, this one is tongue-in-cheek;))

Common W210 Issues

What to Look for When Buying a 1996-2002 Mercedes W210: A Buyer's Guide

And a slew from PeachPartsWiki: DoItYourself

1999 MBUSA product brochure

1999 MBUSA E-class product brochure

Owner's manuals, 1996-1999

Owner's Manuals, 2000 -
(Thanks Ohlord, for the link)

Maintenance Manuals, 2000<

Maintenance - AllData

Maintenance Service A and B

MB Operating Fluids
(Full Listing of Approved Fluids)

EPA Drive Cycle Readiness Check Codes

FSS reset 1999

FSS reset 2000-02

MBUSA technical info

Electronic Parts Catalog - MBUSA (EPC)
after having been available free for years, this now a subscription service

Electronic Parts Catalog - Russian #2 (EPC#2)

Electronic Parts Catalog - Russian #3 (EPC)

Russian Parts Diagrams, with some bookmarks and indexing added.
PM me if you have index suggestions. include page number raymond-

Parts Lists

Bosch parts finder


Technical Service Bulletins1
Technical Service Bulletins2

Trouble Codes listing

VIN datacard check
VIN datacard check2
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