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1,500 worth of repairs =(

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I went to mechanic today, and he gave me estimate. 1,500.

radiator hose
upper 13.00
lower 26.00

cylinder head gasket 105.00
cylinder head gasket replease and labor 885.00
serpentine belt 47.50
replace serpentine belt 75.00

coolant 18.00
silicone 21.00

shoot me now. so much for getting my car fix this summer
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If you order from autohaus, you would pay:

Radiator Hose; Lower $13.28
Radiator Hose; Upper $8.32
Serpentine Belt/Ribbed Drive Belt $23.15
Cylinder Head Gasket Set $63.76

He is charging list price and making a profit. A lot of shops charge above what they pay as a second profit center, so I am not saying they are doing something underhanded.

It will take him 5 minutes to change the belt (if he isn't already taking the belt off for the gasket change anyway?), so that is a nice profit! If I were you, I would use the money toward a socket wrench set plus some female torx sockets and do it yourself. You will pay less and also have a set of tools for other repairs.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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