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1,500 worth of repairs =(

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I went to mechanic today, and he gave me estimate. 1,500.

radiator hose
upper 13.00
lower 26.00

cylinder head gasket 105.00
cylinder head gasket replease and labor 885.00
serpentine belt 47.50
replace serpentine belt 75.00

coolant 18.00
silicone 21.00

shoot me now. so much for getting my car fix this summer
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i dont even think you need a female torx set, i didnt need one for mine. i jut used a deepwell socket (i think) to turn the tensioner counter clockwise. the belt replacement is simple. even simpler if you dont want the old belt and you just cut it off. make sure the tension is released before you cut it lol. also make sure you make a diagram or have some way of knowing how the new belt goes on. as for the hoses, do they need to be replaced? are they leaking? if so, you can do this yourself too... just have to drain the coolant, replace hoses (simple) and then refill with antifreeze. you can also get mb coolant from autohaus as well!!!! its way better than buying it from the dealer in my opinion.
there is a screw at the bottom of the radiator, that you use a flat screwdriver to turn and when it opens, the coolant comes out the bottom of the radiator. :) of course this is just a drain, not a flush, but it is sufficient. then 1 gal of coolant and 1 gal of distilled water and im sure you system will be back to where it needs to be. might not even need all the water.

G-AMG has a nice diy write up, search it in the forums.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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