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This is from CNN/Money magazine online:

About 1.3 million Mercedes recalled
Carmaker concerned about voltage regulators, battery control, brake systems.
March 31, 2005: 9:21 AM EST

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - U.S.-German carmaker DaimlerChrysler is recalling 1.3 million Mercedes cars as it tries to fix quality woes that are riddling its German luxury car division, it said Thursday.

Mercedes will recall the cars in several model ranges worldwide to fix problems with alternators and batteries, which do not affect the cars' safety, according to the supplier, car-parts maker Robert Bosch.

Mercedes chief Eckhard Cordes, who said earlier this year that his drive to resolve the quality problems would hit this year's earnings, said the cars Mercedes makes now are of high quality and that the recall addressed legacy problems.

"We are now producing the best product quality ever and our aim is to ensure that those vehicles in the hands of customers which are the cause of complaints achieve a standard of quality that reflects our highest expectations," Cordes said in a statement.

DaimlerChrysler declined to say how much the recall would cost.

Shares in DaimlerChrysler dipped after news of the recall, paring earlier gains, to trade up 0.3 percent at 34.56 in afternoon activity, in line with the blue-chip DAX index.

Mercedes said it would check, and if necessary, replace the voltage regulator in the alternator on vehicles with six- and eight-cylinder engines built between June 2001 and Nov. 2004 in the recall.

The carmaker will install new battery-control software on E-class and CLS-class models made from Jan. 2002 to Jan. 2005. In addition, it will update the braking system on current E-class, SL-class and CLS-class models, made since June 2001.
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