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09 R350, Airmatic not listed as feature in the DataCard?

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Hello, I am thinking of buying a 09 R350 4Matic from a private party. I ran the VIN through the online VIN checkers (a couple) and I don't see the code for 4Matic, which I understand is VL and VR. The seller sent me pictures and the car definitely has front axles and the 4Matic badge.

Was 4Matic not listed for certain years of the R Class? Or did Mercedes change the code? I don't see anything promising on the datacard that could be 4Matic. I also looked at a 10 R350, 4Matic, and the code showed in that datacard.

It is of concern because it seems strange to me, missing codes. But, perhaps it is common and this is just the first time I've had the problem? Any information gratefully received.
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My 2011 Vin Lookup has VL and VR, its front axle half shafts.
Yet my (sold) 2008 R320 run on same vin look up does not show VL and VR.

your 2009 is a pre face lift so may not show up either.
dont worry , they all had 4 matic sold in north america
btw your subject says airmatic... not 4Matic.

Airmatic is the 4 wheel air suspension
4matic is 4 wheel drive.
Thanks for the help and reassurance. And I am sorry for my mistake in subject. I know better.

Just checking my understanding, are you saying all the R350s sold in the US were 4Matic? The reason I am asking is I have seen quite a few ads on FB were there is no 4Matic badge on the back and the sellers describe them as RWD. I've been ignoring those no matter how good condition because I thought they were RWD.
Hmm. I may be wrong! I have never seen a RWD advert!
the brochure for the 2008 R class shows all 3 models with 4 matic standard. It is an ML chassis, was the ML ever offered with RWD only?
It would be my guess, based on what you say, that you are right, and the sellers that I have seen on FB are probably wrong. I have an 06 ML500 that does not have the 4Matic badge on the back. If I run it through the VIN checkers, it doesn't show anything that sounds like AWD, and doesn't show the codes VL VR, but it is 4Matic. So thank you for your help.

Anyway, in my search for an R350, I found a 2010 with 100K on it for a good price that looks like it has been well maintained. I bought it, and am flying in to pick it up on Friday. So I'll change my signature to include it, and you will probably see me in this forum and I learn to look after and enjoy it.
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