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Please suggest tire sizes for my car, as I will need to replace them soon.

The factory wheels were front: 8.5J X 18 H2 ET 38 with 245/40R18 tires. Rear: 9J X 18 H2 ET 39 with 265/35R18 tires.

I am the second owner. The previous owner fitted 8.5J X 18 H2 ET 38 wheels with 235/40R18 tires front and rear. I plan to keep these rims, but possibly use different tires.

My tire knowledge is very limited, but I know that there are limitations to the diameter and width that can be used without causing problems. Also, that handling, ride, etc. will be affected. Despite this being a sport model, sporty handling is less important to me than ride comfort. So please let me have your recommendations. I would also appreciate some info on the tradeoffs if different tires are feasible. TIA.
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