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08 GL550 x164 clunking noise when accelerating?

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Hi everyone!

Having trouble figuring out the problem on my GL... Maybe one of you guys had something similar.

My GL550 is making a clunking noise when accelerating from a stop sign or a traffic light. Especially heard when not coming to a complete stop (slow down to 5mph and accelerate).

Took it to a good reputable shop today, they have checked over all the mounts and possible weak spots that could cause the noise, but everything is tight. Engine/trans mounts have already been replaced recently.

Noise is coming from underneath somewhere in the middle of the car.

Mechanic told me that it's most likely something internal in transmission or the transfer case.

Said that most likely the chain inside the transfer case got loose.

Considering just taking it to my local MB dealership and have them look at it.

Has anyone ever had similar issue?

Thanks in advance!
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the transfer case chains do get loose and sometimes break the mount for them

have you been changing the fluid in the trans case?
it is not the mount on the outside, it is the guide /mount on the inside of the transfer case that holds the chain that breaks when the chain gets loose

someone posted on another forum where they found the manufacturer of the transfer case for mercedes , the price was reasonable and you got a warranty

once you get a new one change the fluid at least every 25,000 miles, it is just 1 quart of trans fluid and easy to change

this is a common problem on these trucks, so good chance that is it
I put in a used one, but had my differential shop open it and check it over first

But if i had to do it over would get the rebuilt one from that comapny the guy found on this forum or the other benz forum
It was a decent price, and there was a 1 or 2 year warranty i think

did not know about that one when i had to repair mine

Some people have also tried to weld or fix the broken guide inside, do some searches on transfer case on both forums and you should find them
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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