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my wife currently drives the 2008 GL550 which i bought new at that time. It now has about 35,000 km on it.

I saw a new 2011 GL350 Bluetec at the local dealer in white with the Premium and Sports Package (21" AMG Wheels, Fender Flares like the 550 has). It's a beautiful car.

My wife doesn't really need the power of the 550, as it was initially my vehicle and I gave it to her when I got my E63 AMG.

If I trade it in for the Diesel, the dealer wanted a difference of 22,000 $. I managed to talk them into $16,000.00 difference. Is that a good deal, and should I go for it? My GL550 is pretty much fully loaded, other than Distronic.

Any advice appreciated.

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