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Hi there,

I am a first time MB owner. Up to now I was happily enjoying my BMW 328i. I recently decided to add to a MB, due to great stories from friends who own MB's.

On November 5th this year (a week ago) I purchased a used MB C230 SPORT from 2007 with just 50k mls. A great buy, so I thought. I took the car for a few test drives past week and the vehicle performed marvelous, I love it, however there is a small problem that bugs the heck out of me...

Ever since I bought the car, the remote keys wouldn't lock and/or unlock the doors or trunk of the vehicle. The keys would start the car.

As we all know the MB keys use two different systems to lock/unlock the vehicle. The RF and IR systems. The RF never worked. I was never able to lock/unlock the vehicle from a distance, not even while standing besides the vehicle with the key behind my back. The IR system works whenever it wants to work. Sometimes the car locks but doesn't unlock, or it unlocks but doesn't lock, sometimes neither.

The dealer said that it only needed new batteries... So after I purchased the vehicle I went to AutoZone and bought the correct batteries for both keys... I installed the new batteries and the problem still persisted... I went back to the dealer on saturday to get to the bottom of this and they suggested that the keys need reprograming, and that I need to take it to MD service and have it done there and that they would pay for it...

Because I bought the vehicle on a friday late in the afternoon, I wasn't able to get into MB service until Monday morning... So I finally make it to the MB service and after spending 9 tedious hours there, and $150, the keys worked for about 15 minutes and then later they still weren't working... They said that it might be the SAM (signal acquisition module), so as a brave new MB owner I gave the go ahead to order the part and scheduled the appointment for today (a week after purchasing the vehicle) and again after spending an additional 7 hrs and $500 at the service department and after installing the new SAM, the keys are still inoperable... :crybaby2::mad:

Next step, according to MB (after they scratched their heads) is to leave the car there for a few days so they can take it apart and to get to the bottom of this issue... I am at a loss...:confused:

So bottom line:

Remotes have new batteries.
Remotes have been re-programed.
SAM module has been replaced.
According to the MB SVC DPT, the computer reports no faults.
MB SVC thinks that there might be a short some where in the cabling or that it might be the amplifier???

Personally I think there are a few things that make no sense...

If there is a short in the cabling or the SAM was faulty, why was the IR part of the key discriminately working?
What has the amplifier to do with the key operation?
Obviously there is a problem somewhere, why does the benchmark computer report no faults?

I really love this car and want to keep it, however this is getting to become a nuisance, especially since nobody is able to come up with a problem, let alone a solution.

The dealer wants to look around for other options, the bank doesn't want to get involved, MB SVC wants my car but is unable to tell me how long I'm going to be without or even if it is going to be resolved. SO I'M STUCK...
I can lock/unlock the car with the small metal key, but this way the alarm is not arming. Plus it is kind of annoying to use a little key manually on an almost new MB...

Does anyone have any ideas?

A new MB fan...

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1) Scroll down from this general forum and find the sedans section.
2) Find the appropriate dedicated forum for your car.
3) You own what MB calls either a W203 or W204.
4) Ask the other owners who are most likely hanging out there.
5) Good luck.

**Welcome to Benzworld!.
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