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07' GL450 rpm doesnt go over 4k

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Hi guys!!

I drive my GL450 at 55000mi.
3-4 days ago 'engine check' was seen... and then 'esp malfunction' signal turned on... and the lights turned off.
today... My gl doesn't wake up if I crank less than 4 sec. And the max rpm is less than 4100rpm. There's shaking & vibration at peak idle. :confused:

what should I do??? Have you ever seen this? :crybaby2:
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I have same problem with my 2006 GL450 (km 150000 mileage). First it was vibrating, vibration was so strong, that I felt shaking all over the saloon. I've opened the bonnet, engine was shaking inside.

Now it doesn't even start, it is trying for couple of seconds i hear cracking noise, but no luck, car became immovable.

What that could be, if anyone knows?

Mechanics tried to replace spark plugs, Air flow sensor and cleaned up the throttle. Problem still exists.

Last one left is to replace injector nozzles, which is costly, but hope it will help :bowdown:

I'll report on issue as soon as I'll get car from workshop.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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