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Dont own one yet looking at 06 and 08 E350's
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Becoming a new MB owner and have looked at 2 cars yesterday.
An 06 E350 and an 08.
Mileage difference is 3k more on the 06. 06 Has Navi and Heated seats.
08 ride feels smoother with a better brake response.
Neither was presented to me as having a "sport pkg".
I really liked the upgrades in the 06 but my concern is that I felt the road more through the steering column and floor on the 06, there was a definite "lurch" in the transmission around gear 2 or 3 and the breaks required more pressure, lastly the seats feel a bit less comfortable too.
The MB sales agent of the 06 swears there is no "significant" changes in suspension between the 2 cars nor the seating, he will look into the rough ride and transmission.
06 has Michelin tires 08 has Pirelli's
I have scheduled a return to both dealers on Monday so could use some advice
Looking forward to my first MB.
Many thanks

06' C230 Sport
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Hi. I saw ur post and just want to give my .02.
I have a 06' c230 sport. im in love with my car. its way better than my prevous BMW.

i say, go with the one with better maintenence records. and if both 350's are powered by the engine M272 then go with the 08 and/or check cut off number.

why? in doing research thru the forums i found out the m272 v6 engines from 05-06 had a small bug in it due to extended maintenence intervals. by bug i mean, 20+ hours of engine labor.

maybe my advice is a bit wrong since im still new to MB myself and the fact that i own a c class not an e. but i encourage you do some research around here, there is a wealth of info to be found.

good luck and welcome to the MB family! :)

p.s. btw, i got the extended warranty on my car.
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