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06 S500 Headlight Seal - Expensive, Replace?

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In checking my headlights for refinishing to remove the yellow cast, I notice the upper seals are in sad shape, probably originals, A2208260891 & A2208260791. I can't find any cheap option for these parts. They list for around $70, but you can get them for about $50 at places like, PelicanParts.

Anyone know of any better options? Or is it just one of those times you pay the $100+ for both of them. Or maybe ignore it for a while?

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If they're properly sealed with the black or grey butyl sealant, then there should be no problems, whether that rubber is there or not.

However, at the present age of your headlamp assemblies, I would be getting concerned about the internal wiring's insulation. I've had plenty of these apart, and during this time period, AL Bosch (the OEM) used a type of wire insulation that's supposed to be biodegradeable. Problem: it "biodegrades" even when it's not in the dirt or composted or whatever; it starts crumbling inside the headlamp housing with age. Every time I've taken one of these apart, the insulation is in pieces. That's dangerous.

If I were you, I'd have a look at the insulation and see if that's the case. If you see any flaking, then you're in trouble. Basically, it's time for a new internal wiring harness. Effectively, that means--for the post-facelift headlights like yours--a new headlamp assembly. That's when I'd be looking at a set of Depo replacements.
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