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06 S500 Headlight Seal - Expensive, Replace?

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In checking my headlights for refinishing to remove the yellow cast, I notice the upper seals are in sad shape, probably originals, A2208260891 & A2208260791. I can't find any cheap option for these parts. They list for around $70, but you can get them for about $50 at places like, PelicanParts.

Anyone know of any better options? Or is it just one of those times you pay the $100+ for both of them. Or maybe ignore it for a while?

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I noticed that the same rubber was disintegrated on mine as well, no surprise. However, it didn’t concern me as for sealing the headlight housing. It looked more like a finishing piece to me. If the headlights do need to be replaced I’ll just upgrade or buy new ones at that time.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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