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Started with a 97 E420. Got hooked. Now too many to list. But am considering selling a few.
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I am trying to replace my front, driver's door lock. I am working through the steps in the WIS manual: AR72.10-P-4011M, and these great instructions with pictures in this old thread.

My question is about the window. Both procedures state the window must be removed. Removing the window requires you to lower it. You start with the window full raised. But I don't understand how you can do that once you remove the front door lining. You removed the switch to lower and raise the window?

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I have changed a front door lock assembly on both my 2003 S340 and my 2003 S500 without removing the window - but these are both W220 models. What model are you working on?

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You plug the Switch / Modules back in when the Trim Panel is off.

You dont need to remove the Glass, but I find it easier to do so as it is so easy once disconnected from the Regulator, but you do need to remove the Window Regulator and many other parts which means drilling out a load of rivets and re rivetting when done ;)
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