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I was at Mercedes today having some minor stuff done on my S, and I was shooting the shit with my service writer. It's a small dealership and I've known the guy for five years or so. He always takes good care of me and the car.

I told him when the S goes, I'll be looking for a W215. I asked if he had much experience with them from the service side. There's only one that he knows of in town and it's been in the shop a lot. I know the car too. It lives in a neighborhood near my job and I see it every day. Parked outside and not really kept up much. Not trashed, just not pampered. He did say the owner seems to enjoy spirited driving and he's getting 6k miles out of a set of new tires.

It turns out the car was a CPO with 30k on it three years ago. It's had a new tranny, new ABC valve body, all new ABC valve blocks(?) new ABC pump, new ABC lines, four new struts, a new radiator, a new alternator. He went on and on. He said the engine block itself is damn near the only thing they haven't had to replace.

The car is approaching 100k and his sense is the owner will want to dump it when the CPO expires. On the one hand, it's an old car with high mileage. On the other hand, most everything that could fail, has failed and is new. I'm thinking about dropping a note on the car asking the guy to call me if he's interested in selling. What would be a fair offer?
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