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05 Nav Disk update installed

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i just installed the 05 nav update disk.

it reprogrammed the system.

it works more like a single disk dvd system.

it appears that now you can travel cross country with one disk. each disk has all the major roads on it.

if you want street level, then the specific disk is necessary.

so far, it appears it was a worthwhile update.
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MarcO - 1/29/2005 9:05 AM

This was all true for the 01/04 update too. In general, update service appears worthwhile if one uses the nav with any regularity. About 20% of info on discs is updated/new.

I got the entire 04 in October when they were selling them really cheap ($150 if I recall). They are great. I'm not getting the 05 set, but are there any major differences?


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