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05 G55 rear door squeak problem. please help

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just got my long dreamed of 2005 G55 GE with only 25k miles on. Condition is very close to exceptional in and out.. BUT, when driving at low speeds especially while turning, can hear the definite squeaking sound coming from the rear door.

Greased everything - did not help

was playing with the Door Strikers position alignment, to the point when the door would barely close (way too tight).. - whould help for a couple of days, then the problem comes back.. :crybaby2:

Please help, maybe it;s time to change Door Strikers? or there is some other ideas?
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Check and clean the pin on the top of the door frame on the hinge side.
Thanks for the advise, did that ones, seemed to have little or no effect.

I will, however, do this again

Maybe other suggestions?
Your best bet is to get someone to drive the truck, while you sit in the back and and isolate the noise by pressing against the plastic pieces until you find a general area where its coming from. Its common on all the G wagens.
Thank you... I have done that with my wife driving, she was so used to her old lexus, so when she put her food on the gas pedal, I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS MAKING NOICE TO THE BACK DOOR!! Good thing these cars are built tough, otherwise I would go right out!

I was thinking about removing plastic and do something about it.. but when while driving in the trunk, the noise was clearly coming from the latch area... so, I don't know.

I will keep on trying.
Vlad's "Mercedes Silicone Paste", applied in these strategic areas was the ultimate fix.

Thanks for the advise, I am now trying to find the magic silicone and cannot locate this place - VLAD. Please let me know, what is VLAD, online store? maybe web site? Tried to Google it, but did not seem to find anything relevent.


Thank you very much for the detailed explanation of what needs to be done. I will do accordantly! Thank you again for taking time describing the procedures!
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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