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05 G55 rear door squeak problem. please help

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just got my long dreamed of 2005 G55 GE with only 25k miles on. Condition is very close to exceptional in and out.. BUT, when driving at low speeds especially while turning, can hear the definite squeaking sound coming from the rear door.

Greased everything - did not help

was playing with the Door Strikers position alignment, to the point when the door would barely close (way too tight).. - whould help for a couple of days, then the problem comes back.. :crybaby2:

Please help, maybe it;s time to change Door Strikers? or there is some other ideas?
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Mine had a rattle and I took it to the dealer. They did the one service guy drive it and the other service guy ride in back. They found it, took the panel off, put some padding somewhere and put the panel back on. My truck was ready in 4 hours and I haven't heard that rattle since.

It appeared to be such an easy fix for them I suspected they may have known where to look in advance.

My plastic squeeks and rattles a bit but who cares its a G-wagen. I just turn up the music.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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