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03 s55 high rev and no throttle

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Just bough another s55. I am having some issues with the throttle and high rev. when I start the car it will idle high in park and neutral. then it will just go to limp mode with no throttle. I am in Orange county Ca ..there was a guy sseric who seemed to know alot about it..he works for MB just hoping someone can give me some good advice. gonna replace plugs this weekend.

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Yee haw

So guys check it out. Father in law brought his tools changed the plugs (never changed). And then we went ahead and cleaned the throttle body and BOOM now she runs like a dream. No problems at all. I saved 2200 on a new throttle body job. Now I've just done motor mounts tranny mounts and done,,,, thanks for all of the help guys. I really appreciate it. Plugs were a mess
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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