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03 s55 high rev and no throttle

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Just bough another s55. I am having some issues with the throttle and high rev. when I start the car it will idle high in park and neutral. then it will just go to limp mode with no throttle. I am in Orange county Ca ..there was a guy sseric who seemed to know alot about it..he works for MB just hoping someone can give me some good advice. gonna replace plugs this weekend.

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Did you scan it for error codes? It could be maf crank sensor or throttle or gas pedal.
Well can you read codes first because without it pointless to replace parts. Well if your mad is bad or dirty you will loose power. Crank sensor will send wrong information to computer so cilinders may not fire. Also coil could be bad too many unknown for you not to get codes read at car parts store. Code reader is 8$ that hooks up to laptop.
Is 2094 crankshaft sensor but I also read about air filter incorrectly installed. Did you look around maf I just replaced my sensor and both gaskets and hose.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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