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03 s55 high rev and no throttle

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Just bough another s55. I am having some issues with the throttle and high rev. when I start the car it will idle high in park and neutral. then it will just go to limp mode with no throttle. I am in Orange county Ca ..there was a guy sseric who seemed to know alot about it..he works for MB just hoping someone can give me some good advice. gonna replace plugs this weekend.

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well I replaced the pedal. Im not sure about the crank sensor can you explain. also I was wondering about the throttle body. it doesnt seem like a big job to clean it...what are the usual issues with it?
dealer post codes p2094 p2007 p202b p0221 p202e p209 p2093 p20a p20d4 p2032 checked engine for vac leaks, no leaks...non check throttle wiring all good .2 ohms replaced intake pressure sensor seems everything was ok reccommended replacing throttle body. my warranty company said they would not cover it. I ust want to make sure that this is it before i spend the exorbanant amount the dealer wants to charge
I know there was a guy named eric that worked in OC and is a pro....anyone know how to reach him...he was on mb his name was sseric i beleive

thank so much fo the info.......that took alot of time and I appreciate do you think cleaning it is better or should i just replace it?,,will there be anything i need to do. if I clean replace it? ...thanks so much for the info...
never taken the throttle body off. however there is a youtube.(this guy is good) who shows in a 5 minute video how to replace injectors. shows it is a pretty easy diy
to get the throttle body off. what do you recommend for cleaner. and is his disassemble the best way to go about it? looks easy enough
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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