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2003 Mercedes Benz AMG S55
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My two year old dream came true with the purchase of a 2003 S55. I notice lots of different mods owners make on their cars. What are the top ten for this vehicle and what do you think about the cost vs. performance for each one? Thanks for your time and expertise.

By the way, I have never driven more quickly or more slowly in my life. Fun to be the big dog. Boy, is she quick and man, is she big. Nothing I like more than hustling a big sedan down a back road.

Lastly, is there a Norcal AMG owners group? Organized meetings and drives?


Hans Phillips
2003 AMG S55 (Finally!)
1995 BMW 525I sold
2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV (Whipple supercharged) sold
1999 Suburban sold
1995 Mercedes S 320 sold
1983 Mercedes 300 SD sold
1985 BMW 325 sold
1987 BMW 325 sold
1985 Peugeot sold
1979 Lincoln Mark IV sold
1978 Lincoln Mark IV sold
1965 Volvo 544 Sport (first car)
1955 Volvo 444 sold
Ten motorcycles all sold


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