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03' ML500 Left Rear Door Panel Removel

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I have looked and can not find a guide or any specific information for my exact year! I have a 2003 ML500 and need to remove the left rear door panel without damage to fix my broken window regulator. Does anyone have step by step instructions with tips? Thanks!
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Speaking of which (and sorry to hijack the thread a bit, but it might be relevant). I also had a regulator let go in one of my back doors. Trouble is it smashed the window. I have taken it apart now and stuck in a new window.

The part that broke is the little screw with rubber/brass nut that fits into the single hole in the glass. The actual part that broke is a plastic spacer that sits between that screw and the glass.

My guess is that once the plastic spacer was no longer in place properly, it allowed the screw to move and apply the wrong force/direction in the hole in the glass, and BANG! no more window.

I couldn't find a replacement part for that plastic spacer. I think you might have to buy a whole new regulator, which is $400 locally. So I just made my own spacer and will try not to operate the window for now.

Can anyone shed any light on how I can get hold of just that small plastic spacer?
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