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03,04,05 e55

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Has any body changed your 265 tires in the back for 275's.Did it make adifference in apperance.Should I do it or not.I beleive the oem wheels will hold the 275's
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Replaced my ContiSportContacII's with Michelin PS2's.
I am in heaven. Have had 4 or 5 sets of PS1's on E55's and hated every one of them after 6 or 7,000 miles. It made it really hard for me to try the PS2's. Went that way because they are not directional and can be rotated side to side to reverse rotation and potentially balance out tapered shoulder block wear which is what causes "off road knobby" type tire noise. No noise problems yet at 4500 miles - no surprise. BUT, traction wet or dry and character of the tire are just incredabe. I could learn to like noise for this tire, but may not have to.
Try them - you will never go back!!! Promise.
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