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Hello All,

Does anyone know the U joint Cap size or have a U joint spec sheet for my 99 ML430?

I have a 1999 ml430 that I have sheduled service to have the center support bearing repleced at a driveshaft shop. The problem I always run into is that my local mercedes dealer controls the parts pricing market and charges 500 to 1000% markup on most parts. I have found the center support bearing brand new through duetsch parts on ebay for $47 the dealer charges near $300. The driveshaft shop is charging me $150 to install the center support bearing and the U joints And I have to provide the parts. I found a place that sells u joints for about $12 -$25 each all i have to do is provide the correct cap size.

Is the retail on these U joints really $90 each? what a joke.

Your help is appreciated
Brianh68008 Omaha NE
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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